My heart is calling for Nepal

डाकदैछ [Daakdaicha] – it is calling
संकेत [sa~ket] – sign, hint, allusion

Bālāchor Since the beginning of this blog in May 2015, I have been studying a lot of Nepali and remembering many past experiences from Nepal … and now this has led to me longing to travel to Nepal again. Very strongly. My heart डाकदैछ [Daakdaicha] for Nepal.

Which is awesome, since for a long time I haven’t felt such a strong urge. Today, I watch the actors in some movie have Maasu ko Khaajaa, and my mouth is almost melting. I haven’t yearned for Nepali food in such a long time! I would think about all the things I usually have at home, but in that moment nothing could compare to this barbecued meat snack you get in Nepal. And then I started thinking of the different kinds of Acchar, and I was about to buy a flight ticket just to have some Tomato Acchar.

Another thing that I have observed is that I have started talking to myself in Nepali again … imagining out loud conversation I might be having with people in Nepal, which really is a clear-shot संकेत [sa~ket] that it is high time to be thinking about my next trip there.

I have been saying that I want to go to Nepal for over a year now, but not really made the effort to plan anything out. But I believe that this will change pretty soon.

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