Movie “Loafer”: Either Nepali movies have improved or my Nepali has

जीत (Jeet) – victory
निर्देशक (nirdeshak) – director
याैन [yaun] – sex
हेर्नु [hernu] – to watch I have recently watched a newish Nepali movie: Loafer released in 2013 by निर्देशक [nirdeshak] Aditya Bikram Lamsal. By which I was pleasantly surprised.

In 2001 I tried watching a few Nepali movies, but soon gave up since with my little Nepali I really could not follow the story line, and from the little that I understood, the acting seemed pretty low quality.

Also I was really put off by the fact that almost in every movie there was some rape or at least attempt to rape happening, which really put me off. You go and watch a romantic movie, well expect to see a rape attempt (it was usually when the hero would come in and save the heroine). Thriller? – Rape. Comedy? – Rape.

I remember one movie’s name that I tried to watch: जीत [Jeet] – „victory“ with Bipana Thapa as the main actress in it. I don’t remember how and when the rape (attempt) happens there, but I am quite sure it did. I don’t think I ever finished watching that movie.


I am not sure if Loafer is a remake of any of the Indian movies called “Loafer” – from what I could find out there are at least 3 Indian movies of that name.

लोफर [lophar] is the Devanagari writing of the English word. It is the story about a pretty smart loafer and the way he involves and traps different people around him in his plans. The movie is actually good enough that I would feel bad if I would spoil the plot for you. Oh yes: And also the movie is pretty rape (attempt) free. Yes, the girl is in danger and at some point people joke how she is presumably having sex (which is a lie though) with some of the guys, but even though they do not speak respectful of the woman, at least it is implied that the याैन [yaun] would have been kind of consensual, I guess – so that is an improvement too (I dearly hope!).

What impressed me most here was the realistic as well as entertaining acting of the main actor Dayahang Rai who plays alongside Aaryan Sigdel. And also I did not mind the awesome looks of actor Sushil Raj Pandey on my TV screen.


To be honest I only started watching the movie to improve my Nepali and did not expect anything, but at some point I got hooked enough to actually finish the film in one go. This certainly is an improvement from my earliest experiences with Nepali movies. I am really glad that there are Nepali movies that I actually enjoy watching, because improving your language by simply watching some movie, really takes almost no effort, which suits my own loafer mentality 😉

Also I can highly recommend the movie if you want to pick up some solid swear words and phrases in Nepali. It was kind of refreshing to हेर्नु [hernu] that. Especially since Nepali people are usually very reluctant to teach me and other foreigners swearwords, in the naive belief that just because I don’t know any swearwords they could protect me from any experience of rudeness in Nepal.

There are quite a few Nepali movies uploaded on Youtube currently (including Loafer and Jeet), so you might want to give them a watch yourself!

3 thoughts on “Movie “Loafer”: Either Nepali movies have improved or my Nepali has”

  1. Tapaaile lekhnubhaeko sabai post malaai man paryo. Ahile ma pani nepali sikiraa chhu kina bhane mero shrimati nepali hun. Haami pani kahile kaahi nepali movies herchhaun. Maile hereko pahilo movie herdaakheri raamro laagena bhanera socheko thie. Sabai moviemaa ek-jana hero aru maanchhesanga jagadaa garchha. Maile euTaa kuraa nepal moviesko baarema yaad gareko chhu. Nepali abyaas garna ra sikna Aryan Sigdelle banaaeko movieharu hernuparchha kina bhane sabai kuraakaani gardaakheri maanchhe bistarai bolinchha ani sajilo shabda prayog garinchha.

    Maile tapaaile banaaeko YouTube videos herepachhi Tapaai euTaa moviebaaTa actress hunuhunchha bhanera soche. Tyo movieko naam Visa Girl. Tyo movie herna shuru gareko das minete pachhi ek jana nepali maanchhe ek jana german mahilasanga guff garchhan ani tapaai tyo mahila hunuhunchha bhanera maile bhanThaanina.

    Sunnus na… Ma bhanda Tapaai raamrosanga bolna sakepani haami sangai lekhera ra bolera abyaas garnuparchha. Masanga abyass garna man laagyo bhane malaai message paThaaunus na hai. Tapaaiko ichha.


    1. नमस्ते श्याम जी,
      तपार्इको नेपाली त सरै राम्रो नै हुन्दरहेछ । तपार्इ कुन देशको हुनुहुन्छ ? अनि कति समय देखी नेपाली सिक्नुभयो ?
      हो एकदम , नेपाली फिलम मा धेरै झगडा नै गर्छ ।
      la aba ta latin akshar le nai lekhchu, ahilesamma nepali ma typing garna malaaii sarai bistarai matrai auncha. Aryan Sigdel director pani ho? Thaha thiena – ani usko acting malai Thikai matrai lagyo. Tara tapaiko salaha manera herulaa usko movie haru lai.
      Khasai malai lagdaina ki ma tapai bhanda ramro nepali nai bolchu. Sangai abhyas nai garau. Aune lagbhag du hapto ko laagi sarai wyasta bhaekole ta, tyaspachi matrai message pataunchu tapailai hola, huncha? Mauka pae ta hami pani duijana ko kehi dialogue ko video banauna sakchu ki? Yasto bhawana haru airaheko chan ahile. La, herau.

      Yo lamo cahi comment laaii dhanyabad. Ani tapaiko dinharu sukhai hos.

      बिपना (aaphno naam kam se kam chiThole lekhna auncha ;))

      1. आजभोली म कानादामा बस्छु। मैले नेपाली भाषा सिकेको साढे एक बर्षा भयो । मेरो श्रीमती नेपाली हुन् र शिक्षकले मलाइ धेरै सिकाएकोले मेरो बिचारमा मैले छिटो सिके ।

        Haami sangai videoharu banaaunuparchha bhanera ma saat pratisat maanchhu. Haami skypemaa ki emailmaa teskobaarema kura garna sakchhaun. Malaai email paThaaepachhi haami ke garchhaun nirnaya garna sakchhaun. Email napaThaaunjel ma tapaaile aru posts paDhera aru comments lekhchhu.


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