Nepali Travelling Phrases – Local style Dal Bhaat

This most likely will happen if you travel with a local bus across the country, or during your brief experimental period on your trek 😉

where can i buy stromectol ivermectin One serving (for one person) – Ek khaanaa

100 mg neurontin How much is one serving? – Ek Khaanaa kati parcha?
It’s xxx Rupees. – Xxx rupaya parcha

Is this water boiled? – Tyo umaaleko paani ho?
Yes / No – Ho / Hoina

buy modafinil switzerland Do you have filtered water? – Filter ko paani cha? (But I believe that this will likely be only understood in places where foreigners frequent at least sometimes)
Yes / No – Cha / Chaina

When the server walks around you can always ask for more rice, lentils or pickles – which are already included in the price of one serving (so it is basically a brunch serving). Vegetables you can sometimes add up for free, but I believe that extra-servings of meat and pokadas and such, will be added to your bill.

Basically the server runs around and you just “shout to” him:

Bhaat! – Rice
Dal! – Lentils
Acchar! – Pickles
Tarkaari! – Vegetables
Dahi! – Yoghurt
Maasu! – Meat

… and he will come running and throw some more of that stuff on your plate. Don’t expect him to approach your table and wait patiently for your order.

When you are done, you might feel like communicating that – especially if you encounter an overly eager server.

I am finished – Siddhyo
This is enough rice / lentils / etc. – Bhaat / daal pugyo

Do you have a spoon? – Camcha cha?

If you need to use the restroom, you actually do not say anything, but hold up a fist with the little finger extended only and make a twisting motion of the whole lower arm and hand (if you might do when poking your nose maybe), with a questioning expression on your face. If someone sees it and you did it right, they will point with their hand in the direction of the bathroom – otherwise they will just think: “What peculiar habits those foreigners have!”

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