Nepali travelling phrases – In the Hotel

Bordj Zemoura In the tourist hotspots you usually will get around dealing with Hotel staff in English. But I always think that even if you can, it is a nice thing to try to at least communicate in Nepali. You might just get a smile out of your receptionist. And you never know if in the end in some lonely village on your trek, you end up really needing it.

For proper pronunciation please refer to the transliteration table and the postings and videos about pronunciation.

Do you have a room available? – Ek koThaa paauncha? [One room is available?]
Yes, it is available – Paauncha
No it is not available – Paaidaina

How much is a room? – Ek koThaa kati parcha? [One room how much is?]
One room is one hundred / one thousand / ten thousand Rupees – Ek koThaa ek say / ek hajaar / das hajaar rupaaya parcha [One room one hundred /.. Rupees is.]

For how many persons? – Katijaana maanche ko laagi? [How many people for?]
For 1 / 2 / 3 people? – ek / dui / tin maanche ko laagi? [one/ … people for?]

Do you have any cheaper / nicer rooms? – Yo bhanda sasto / raamro koThaa pani cha? [Than this cheap / good room also is?]
Yes, we have – Cha
No we dont – Chaina

Is there a bathroom attached? – Toilet koThaa bitra cha? [Toilet room inside is?]
Yes, it is – Cha
No its not, its outside – Chaina, bahira cha [It is not, outside is]

Is food available here? – Khaanaa pani paauncha? [Food also avilable is?]
Yes – Paauncha
No – Paaidaina

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