Nepali Phrase: Who are you taking me for?

Tuxtla Gutiérrez

तले मलार्इ के थान्छस ?

[tale malaaii ke thaanchas?]

Who are you taking me for?

त [ta] – you (lowest level of formality)
मलार्इ – to me
के – what
थान्छस – (you) falsely assume

We have the -ले particle again in this sentence. This has to do with the transitivity of the Nepali verb थान्नु [thaannu] – to falsely perceive / assume something, to misunderstand.
Since the sentence is in the simple present tense. The -ले particle is not obligatory.

त is the lowest level of formality of the 2nd person singular in Nepali. In this context it implies the highest possible degree of rudeness. I could imagine a situation where to close friends, who are referring to each other lovingly as त. And maybe one wonders innocently what the other person is thinking of her and then she asks this … so in that case it might not be rude. But you really have to go searching for a situation like that.

The other Nepali word that I am mentioning in the video is सम्मान [sammaan] – respect.

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