Nepali Phrase – ल अब त नेपाली बोल्ने हाै, हामि !

First the translation of the Nepali monologue:
So, now (!) we are going to speak Nepaali. Well, what should we talk about? Actually, right now what I am thinking: How is my pronunciation, right? Since I am talking pretty fast, again it may not be that correct, this pronunciation of mine, right? That thought … and what else? About what? No, this being shy now, there is no necessity for this at all. Not really. I make videos for a long time now. And now being Nepali (I actually should have said „speaking Nepali“) this urge to be shy, well that is … How to say that? I dont even know in English. … It is a little vain, right? It’s (not) real … It’s auth… authentic? … fake? … fake!!! this a fake thing, right? – this shyness …. right now I am not shy, that is how it is. When is it going to finish? Now it has finished, well!

So you see there is a lot of babbling going on. Some of the sentences I never finish – don’t let yourself get confused by that.

If you have specific questions of why I use a specific word or construction, please feel free to ask – I will do my best to help you out with that.

This is the transcript + transliteration

buy ivermectin 12 mg ल अब त नेपाली बोल्ने हाै, हामि !
[la aba ta nepaalii bolne ho, haami]

अब [aba] – now
बोल्ने हाै [bolne hau] – (we) will be speaking
हामि [haami] – we

buy generic accutane uk त्यहि त, के को बारे मा कुरा गराै ?
[tyahi ta, ke ko baare maa kuraa garau?]

के को बारे मा [ke ko baare maa] – about what?
कुरा गराै [kuraa garau] – (we) shall speak खसै अहिले मेरो सोच के हो : त्यो मेरो उच्चारण कस्तो छ, होर्इन ?
[khasai ahile mero soc ke ho: tyo mero uccaaraN kasto cha, hoina?]

अहिले [ahile] – now
मेरो [mero] -my
सोच [soc] – thought
त्यो [tyo] – that
उच्चारण [uccaaraN] – pronunciation

त अलि धेरै छिटोले बोल्दा फेरि त्यति शुद्धा छैन, त्यो उच्चारण मेरो, होर्इन
[ta ali dherai chiTole boldaa pheri tyati shuddhaa chaina, tyo uccaaraN mero, hoiina]

अलि [ali] – some
धेरै [dherai] – very, a lot
छिटो [chiTo] – fast
बोल्दा [boldaa] – speaking
त्यति [tyati] – that much
शुद्धा [shuddhaa] – correct

यो बिचार हो, अनि अरु के, के को बारेमा
[yo bicaar ho, ani aru ke? Ke ko baaremaa?]

बिचार [bicaar] -thought
अनि [ani] – and now
अरु [aru] – else

होर्इन त्यस्तो लाज मान्ने त्यस्तो केहि आवश्यकता पनि छैन अहिले
[hoiina, tyasto laaj maanne, tyasto kehi aawashyaktaa pani chaina ahile]

त्यस्तो [tyasto] – like that
लाज मान्ने [laaj maanne] – being shy
आवश्यकता [aawashyaktaa] – necessity

त्यति होर्इन म त धेरै समय देखि त्यस्तो भिड्यो नै बनाउन्छू,
[tyati hoiina, ma ta dherai samay dekhi tyasto bhiDyo nai banaaunchuu]

समय [samay] – time
देखि [dekhi] – since
बनाउन्छू [banaaunchuu] – (I) make, create

अनि नेपाली हूदा त्यस्तो अहिले लाज मान्नु पर्ने … त्यो त हो नि
[ani nepaali huudaa tyasto ahile laaj maannu parne … tyo ta ho ni]

हूदा [huudaa] – being
लाज मान्नु पर्ने [laaj maannu parne] – needing to be shy

कसरि भन्ने ? अँग्रेजी मा पनि थाहा छैन
[ kasari bhanne? a~grejii maa pani thaahaa chaina]

कसरि [kasari] – how, in which way
भन्ने [bhanne] – saying
अँग्रेजी [a~grejii] – English
थाहा छैन [thaahaa chaina] – don’t know

त्यो अलिकति घमण्डी होर्इन, त्यो सांचै को …
[tyo alikati ghamaNDii hoiina, tyo saa~cai ko …]

अलिकति [alikati] – somewhat
घमण्डी [ghamaNDii] – vain

त्यो सक… सकली … नकली … नकली !! त्यो नकली कुरा हो होर्इन
[tyo sak… sakalii? … nakalii? … nakalii!! tyo nakalii kuraa ho hoiina?]

सकली [sakalii] – authentic, real
नकली [nakalii] – fake

त्यो त लाज अहिले पनि लाज लाग्दैन त्यस्तै हो
[tyo ta laaj … ahile pani laaj laagdaina, tyasto ho ]

लाज लाग्दैन [laaj laagdaina] – (I) don’t feel shy

कहिले सक्ने ? अहिले सक्यो ल
[kahile sakne? Ahile sakyo, la!]

कहिले [kahile] – when
सक्ने [sakne] – ending
सक्यो [sakyo] – (it) ended

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