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http://nhsevidencetoolkit.net/radio.php I believe there are a variety of approaches, how you can learn a language. And these approaches correlate with a person’s personality as well as the specific level of proficiency and learning needs at the time.

In this blog I offer you a various resources that will support you in your learning process.

English topical Posts about Nepal

Those are blog posts in English about topics related to Nepal, where I intersperse a few Nepali into the text, so that you have a chance to learn some new vocabulary along the way – without much intentional effort

Visiting Pashupati Temple

Weather in Nepal
Vegetarian or not?

Earthquake risk
Culture Shock

Reviving Nepal’s tourism
Empowering Nepal

Pronunciation & Script

Nepali uses a different script than the Latin script and you might want to chose to learn the Script, which is called Devanagari. But even if you don’t want to learn the script, it will be essential for you to learn the proper pronunciation of vowels and consonants in Nepali. Especially when we are talking about aspiration and non-aspiration, as well as the difference between dental and retroflex consonants
Vowels I
Vowels II
Guttural Consonants
Palatal Consonants
Dental and Retroflex I
Dental and Retroflex II
Labial Consonants
Other consonants


Well of course you will have to study the Grammar of Nepali in one way or the other. There are many people who (at least sometimes) need a concise introduction to a specific grammatical topic (e.g. the construction and usage of a specific verb tense). This (so far) is by no means concisive, but I have started to write and tape posts/videos on specific grammatical topics in Nepali

The usage of the -le particle

In detail Phrases

This is a approach that I really like personally very much: Where you study a random phrase in detail and pick it apart in its grammatical structure. It is inductive – which is how my own brain works most of the time anyways: Developing a concept of the broader structure, by studying a projection of that broader structure in a specific detail.

I love you so much
Namaste sister

Nepali Texts with translations

These are basically texts (usually accompanied by an audio version, that I simply translate for you. And which you can use to study vocabulary and grammar by yourself-

Now we are talking Nepali
If someone wants to learn Nepali, they will do so by themselves

Travel Phrases

These are a collection of phrases that will come in handy while travelling. I present them without any further explanation of grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary.
In the Hotel
Dal Bhaat

Additional Information about the language

I also write about the language and its development (e.g. a comparison between Hindi and Nepali). These are informations that are not really crucial for learning the language, but are in fact very interesting and might help you to find greater interest and thereby motivation to keep studying Nepali.

Nepali vs. Hindi
Why did I learn Nepali?
Why you learn Nepali

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